Sclerotia Tampanensis (15 grams)



Tampanensis magic truffels, small package.

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Sclerotia Tampanensis (15 grams)

(Grzegorz Chustecki)
7,5g was eaten on empty stomach (male in his late 20s, 180cm/80kg). The nausea was bearable and didn't cause anything leaving the body in an uncontrolled manner, but stomach felt like if one had an active volcano inside. Blunt was smoked, which added a funny feeling to this pretty intense come up. After 45 mins the trip started, hallucinations included pale 2-dimensional rotating patterns, resembling tribal tattoos. The plants around showed fractal-like structure, the clouds displayed legends about ancients gods. Playing jaw harp felt great, like an act of gratitude for the experience. After 2 hours hallucinations were gone, but a strong, pleasent feeling followed with deep understanding of the prehistoric roots of the society. Next day one was inspired to meditate for the first time. Truffles may work differently, depending on one's metabolism, state of mind, environment. Stay safe and take your time.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
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