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Salvia divinorum

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Wholesale Salvia Divinorum leaves and extracts

We are the official European distributor of the best Salvia products you can get in the world, that we dare to say. Our Salvia leaf and extracts are imported from Mexico, almost every month we get a new batch and we can guarantee that our products are always fresh. Salvia extracts are prepared in a laboratory by a team with a lot of experience.

The preparation of the standardized Salvia extract:

First they isolate the Salvinorin from the plant material by making use of solvents. Then, the Salvinorin A will be returned to the plant material and dried under low temperature in a furnace.

With this method of extraction the extract remains beautifully green, even our 40X extract is still pretty green, so no fine black drum.

To ensure the quality of our extracts the extracts are made 20% stronger, allowing a 5X is actually a 6X, 10X a 12X an so on.