Sclerotia Mexicana A (15 grams)



Mexicana magic truffels, small package.

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Sclerotia Mexicana A (15 grams)

(Grzegorz Chustecki)
First experience with psylocybin. 5g was eaten on half empty stomach (male in his late 20s, 180cm/80kg). After 1h of mixed thoughts and crawling anxiety came another hour of mild nausea. It could have been avoided if truffles were eaten on an empty stomach I suppose. I guess it also caused heaviness on the back during the trip. Nausea came away, smoking a blunt was kinda helpful. Hallucinations started 2 hours after eating truffles and lasted ca 4 hours. They were mild and didn't cause noticable changes in behaviour, while still being beautiful and colorful. They were accompanied by deep appreciation of life and nature.

I think it's a good choice for the first experience, but remember to stay safe, take care of proper set & setting, start with low dose, don't worry & be happy.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
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