Pajaritos 15 grams


Psilocybe Pajaritos Magic Truffels (15 gram)

Pajaritos magic truffels, small package.

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Pajaritos 15 grams

(Grzegorz Chustecki)
8.7g was eaten on half-empty stomach (junk food eaten 4 hours before). 2.5 hours passed without any effects, Male in his late 20s (180cm/80kg) started thinking about the quality of the truffles, but anyway he was so satisfied with the set and setting, that he didn't mind. After 3 hours he went to the riverside with a sitter. Mild hallucinations started on the way. At the river he smoked a blunt and felt really good. Thoughts about the tribal roots of every human interaction appeared and were very clear and logical. Hallucinations went stronger and included golden sky at night, tunnel-like fractals, Strongly appreciated strain because of no nausea on the come up. Anyway, remember about set & setting, proper dose & the fact truffles can work differently from person to person. Stay safe.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
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