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Cocaine Purity test - Dope or Nope

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EZ Test Blister for Cocaine Purity : a semi-quantitative test to determine the amount of cocaine (1 test)

  • Get an idea about the purity of the cocaine.
  • You will have your result within seconds!
  • This is the most advanced test for cocaine on the market.
  • Contains 1 test, detailed instructions and a color chart.

The Cocaine Purity Test enables you to quickly get an idea about the purity of the cocaine. Open the ampoule, insert the liquid from the tube and add  (EXACTLY!) 20 milligrams of your sample to this test. You will have your result within seconds!

This is, by far, the most advanced test on the market for people who want to know what they are dealing with.

The EZ Test Cocaine Purity Test is very insensitive to the usual cuts such as mannitol and such, and also it does not react with levamisole. As a bonus, is does not react to any other substance from the family of cocaine (lidocaine, procaine,etc.), which are frequently used to fool the poor soul who wants to taste it to assess the quality. These other -caines will only produce a numbing effect (at best) and contribute to really bad hangovers!!

This test can’t tell you anything about the identity of the substance that may have been used for cutting the sample. For this purpose we recommend further testing with our EZ Test for Cocaine Cuts.

Min. order qty: 5 individually packed tests, each with detailed instructions and a color chart.

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