Flower Power liquid Energizer


Flower Power

Flower Power capsules and liquid contain a mix of vitamins and a patented herbal blend that gives a euphoric energy boost.

Take 1-3 capsules on an empty stomach, around 45 minutes before the desired effect, with ample water, soda or fruit juice.

Contains 6 capsules. Each capsule contains:

* Vitamin B2 - 1.6 mg
* Vitamin B3 - 18 mg
* Vitamin B5 - 6 mg
* Vitamin B6 - 10 mg
* Vitamin B12 - 3 mcg
* L-Tyrosine - 50 mg
* Proprietary blend of plant extracts: 590 mg

Contains a high dose of natural caffeine from natural sources.

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Flower Power liquid Energizer

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