Peyote Williamsii (grafted on Tichocereus Pachanoi)


Due to it's naturally slow growth rate, some cacti growers prefer to graft Peyote cacti onto faster growing species (San Pedro cactus) to cut down on the time it takes to produce fully grown plants. Peyote Williamsii usually responds well to grafting, a six month old seedling, once grafted, may reach flowering size in as little as six months.

The botton of the Peyote Williamsii is 4 to 5 centimeters

This is a vast improvement on conventionally grown Peyote, which may take 3 to 5 years to reach flowering size.

As with other slow growing cacti, grafted Peyote may become bloated or misshaped due to increased growth rate. Once your grafted Peyote has reached flowering size and possibly has side pups, you may wish to remove the Peyote scion from the stock and reroot it on it's own roots for a beautifully productive parent plant.

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Peyote Williamsii (grafted on Tichocereus Pachanoi)