Mister Maka Power sleep - 30 ml

The CBD Power Sleep Oil is the ideal dilution for a restful night’s sleep. With the mix of melatonin & valerian, this CBD formula helps your body find a healthy sleep cycle again the natural way. As with all Mister Maka CBD oils, the Mister Maka Power Sleep is completely free of THC and any psychoactive side effects.

Mister Maka Power sleep - 30 ml

In modern life, there can be many reasons why sleep cycles become disrupted. Stress, diet and too much blue light from screens can interrupt the body’s melatonin levels. As CBD oil alone is a great pain reliever and helps lessen the feelings of anxiety, it naturally makes a fantastic choice for a more calming bedtime routine. CBD oil in small doses can have a recharging effect, giving you an energy boost. So for the best sleep results, so it is important to take it in the correct dosage. The Power Sleep is a mix of the right amount of CBD, Melatonin, and valerian what makes it an excellent alternative to traditional sleeping aids to treat insomnia and gain powerful sleep.

The Power Sleep liquid can also help your body stay asleep for longer. This means that the CBD is able to reach the body’s cells at the highest concentration possible, to ensure sustained benefits. The Power Sleep liquid is easy to dispense thanks to the dropper bottle applicator.

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