Harem power | 1 bar

Product information

Optimal performance and pleasure in bed! Harem Power
"Chocolate For The Adult Man" has a libido enhancing
effect, it improves your sexual endurance and helps to
prevent weak erections. Each bar of Harem Power Chocolate
is composed of 100% natural aphrodisiac ingredients
and delicious Belgian chocolate, an effective blend that
has been amply proven over the centuries. Delightful to
consume with immediate results in no time.
Harem Power gives you long and firm erections, a dramatic
improvement in your sex drive and it will let you experience
orgasms like never before. If your sex life can use pleasure, a
push and extra potency, then Harem Power is a wonderful
and well-deserved improvement of your sex life, with the
boost you need to get this pleasureful job done!

Harem Power use
Take 1/3 bar at a time about 45 minutes before the start of
sexual activity. Do not use more than 1 bar per 24 hours.

If you use medication and/or have heart conditions, you
should consult a doctor before using this product. Stop use
immediately if undesirable side effects occur. Supplements
do not serve as a substitute for a healthy diet. This product is
not suitable for persons under 18.

Formula Harem Power
"Chocolate for the adult man"
How does it work? Harem Power contains natural
ingredients from all over the world, which are brought
together in a blend that ensures an improved blood flow
to the male penis and testicles. These ingredients have an
effect on the erectile tissues in the male penis, called the
Corpora Cavernosa. Herbal ingredients in Harem Power
have an impact on these erectile tissues resulting in a
stronger and harder erection, a higher sex drive, a more
sensitive and enjoyable

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